An app paired with trackers to help people with low-vision locate their items in private and public spaces.
Meron Solomon, Joyce Lin, Joanne Chen, and Yuna Shin
My Role
UX Designer and Researcher
Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Procreate
5 weeks (2021)
Design an application for tracking and sharing location information.
An app that is designed to fit the needs of low vision users as they track their items.
Problem Statement
Current solutions for keeping track of our belongings fail to properly support low-vision users.


Existing Solutions (Secondary Research)
I evaluated the existing features and limitations of present-day tracking services to help us get a better sense of the strengths and weaknesses of existing solutions.
User Research Insights (Primary Research)
We interviewed participants with different vision levels to better understand the pain points, challenges, and strategies that people experience and use when locating a lost item.
Interviews (Primary Research)
We interviewed five participants with varying levels of vision on their experience using Sticky, and I made design changes based off of the key insights
User Personas
After creating our personas, it helped my team and I keep in mind the main needs of our users as we were designing.
User Journey
We created a user journey map to understand areas in our users’ lives where Sticky could assist them.
How might we create a more inclusive process for locating lost or misplaced objects in both private and public locations for people with low-vision?


Benefits + Features

Design Language

Design Iterations

With our research and feedback, how can we create an experience that meets the needs of low-vision users?

Final Design

Key Features

Item Dashboard

Opening app page where all scanned items are displayed.

Voice Assistant + Directions

Sticky voice assistant that provides both visual and haptic feedback directions to locate misplaced items.

Status Page + Alerts

Specific status pages for an items, with additional locating tools (ring tracker, camera vision, directions).

Navigation Tools

Clear and precise directions from audio navigation, compass, and camera AI that are paired with haptic feedback.
Task Flows
Scroll through our different task flows below.


Promotional Clip
Our video introduces our product and features in action.


Universal Design
My intention was to prioritize the experience of users with low-vision, and yet we found that our design was universal and could be utilized by a wide variety of users.
Communication is key
Due to COVID-19 this project was completed remotely. It was our consistent communication and planning that enabled us to successfully bring this project together.