Benu’s Bright Beginning Daycare

The creation of a website and design system for a new childcare business to attract families and streamline the registration process.
Meron Solomon (Independent)
My Role
Product Design (Contract)
Figma, Webflow
4 weeks (2022)
Create a design system to more efficiently design a web platform for a new childcare business.
A design system to standardize the use of reusable components and font styles.

A web platform designed to increase attraction for new families.
Problem Statement
A childcare business that lacks the platform to attract new clients, and properly display information in a systemized method.


The Daycare's Original Process
Upon my initial interaction with Benu's Bright Beginning Daycare, I noticed that it was a new daycare business. While they have a charming logo, there seemed to be room for enhancing their overall brand presence. They relied on sharing information about their daycare program and handling admission and enrollment paperwork through emailing each interested clients the Microsoft Word documents.
Confronted with obstacles such as the absence of established branding colors and typography beyond the logo, coupled with the complexity faced by new families navigating the business through Google Docs, I recognized the need for strategic solutions. To address these issues, I determined that delivering a comprehensive design system would be essential. This system aimed to establish consistent branding elements, guide the visual identity cohesively to elevate the overall user experience. Additionally, recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, I extended these design principles to craft a user-friendly website, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy interaction for families exploring the daycare's offerings.
The sitemap played a pivotal role in structuring the website and was instrumental in helping me shape the design system. It not only facilitated the creation of essential pages but also guided me in determining the specific components necessary to establish a cohesive and user-friendly design system.


Design System

For typography, I used the Poppins font in four weights: regular, medium, semibold, and bold. I maintained a minimum text size of 16px to comply with AA-level WCAG web accessibility standards.
Color Palette
Carefully selected for the daycare's design system, the palette features Pink (primary) known for its soothing and nurturing qualities, Green(secondary), representing growth and nature. The neutral backdrop includes Beige, White, Black, and various Grey shades. Beige adds calmness, White maintains freshness, and Black/Grey provide flexibility for interactive states. This palette fosters a welcoming environment, aligning with accessibility standards for readability and usability.
When crafting the components of the design system, I focused on fundamental elements such as buttons, images, accordions, text input, cards, nav bar, and navigational controls. This process was guided by specific rules aimed at facilitating the creation of future components. Additionally, I strategically developed only the necessary components that aligned with the current needs and stage of development for the daycare business.

Final Design

Key Features


Introduces the families to the daycare and what they stand for.


Prospective families can explore the daycare's offered programs to determine if they align with the needs of their child.

Enrollment and Admission

Provides prospective families with comprehensive guidance on the enrollment process and payment procedures.

Contact Us

Where prospective families can send a message or request a tour.


Balancing Design Ambitions and Timely Execution
Through this daycare project, I've learned the critical importance of prioritizing needs, particularly when working on a tight schedule. While there were various aspects I wished to include, the limited timeframe required a careful focus on essential elements. The absence of an established brand presence added an extra layer of complexity, emphasizing the need for a well-defined design system to streamline the process. The urgency stemmed from the daycare's requirement to quickly establish an online presence as a small business actively seeking new clients. This project highlighted the delicate balance between comprehensive design goals and the realities of time-sensitive projects.